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The Halifax Peninsula was initially farmland, known as “Pedley Fields”.

1830’s – 1860’s

Birmingham Street takes its name from the birthplace of Mr. Pedley, and Dresden Row from that of Mrs. Pedley. The area south of Spring Garden Road was developed and became known as “Schmidtville” after the developer, Charles Schmidt, grandson of the Pedley’s.


The area was fully developed, small properties formed the south of Spring Garden Road, while larger properties formed the North.


Spring Garden Road, west of Queen Street, became commercialized.

1910 – 1940

The property consisted of primarily large residential units and a few small units.

1945 – 1970

Large land parcels were divided into small residential parcels, with retail commercial space on Spring Garden Road and some on Dresden Row. In the 1950’s Queen Street to South Park Street became significantly commercialized.

1970’s – 1980’s

Commercial office buildings made up the majority of Dresden Row and Birmingham St.

1991 – 1992

The existing City Centre Atlantic complex was constructed.


The construction of Vertu Suites began.

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